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Commercial finance doesn't have to be a complicated and lengthy process.
We'll do everything to make your commercial loan as easy as we make it for our residential clients.

Our organization is founded on the belief that we are providing a service and not just a product.
We donít just originate your loan but rather we guide and advise you through the commercial loan process,
avoiding the pitfalls and capitalizing on the opportunities for you.

Our loan officers will give you the personalized attention that you deserve
to ensure that you find the right loan product for you.
We go out of our way to make sure that
all of your questions are answered and satisfied.
Maybe thatís why referrals are the cornerstone of our business.


Approval Process 48 to 72 Hour Pre-Approval
- Streamlined Approach
Loan Committees can take weeks
or even months!
New Survey
None Required
Appraisals Limited Appraisals
Competitive network to reduce costs and timeframes
Complete Appraisals
Doc Prep In House
(No Fee)
Outside Law Firm
(Fee Involved)
Environmental Low Cost Environmental Insurance Policy Phase 1 Environmental Study
Residential Style
"Streamlined" Underwriting
Full Commercial Underwriting Process
includes extensive documentation requirements
Balloons None Must Refinance when the balloon is due (typically 3- 7 yrs)
Assumability Assumable
at no cost upon approval
or Fee involved
Ongoing Financial
Reporting Requirements
None Financial Reporting
and financial covenants required

The choice is C.L.E.A.R.

Commercial Lending Easy As Residential

Patagonia Finance
Your commercial broker of choice!

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Patagonia Finance is an Equal Opprtunity Lender
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